About LBS


It all started when…

LBS was founded by Rich (@TheKoreanHulk) . We wanted to create a unique name for ourselves that would appeal to the powerlifting community. We understand that the sport of powerlifting is growing where more people are becoming known to the sport. Our main goal is not only to help people build strength, but beyond that.

The name, Lift Beyond Strength came from the idea that learning powerlifting is not just about strength and just "lifting heavy". When we lift, we don't just lift for strength. We lift for all types of purposes. Furthermore, there's so much more to powerlifting that many new athletes are not aware of. Aside from physical strength, proper form, technique, and mental strength, all play apart in the sport of powerlifting.  As coaches, our job is to help as many athletes as we can while making them becoming a better version of themselves.