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Rich Yun (@TheKoreanHulk) is a student, athlete, and coach. He graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Information Technology and Informatics. He has served as a recruitment chair and e-board member of the Rutgers Powerlifting team. Rich is currently entering his 2nd year as a grad student in pursuing his Masters of Information at Rutgers. He is a certified USAPL Club Coach. He has coached lifters from different levels ranging from beginners to elite. 

 Rich has been lifting for over 6 years and has been competitively powerlifting for 4 years. His first powerlifting meet was in March 2015 in the APA federation totaling 1370lbs, placing 1st in 198lbs teen division. He now competes for USAPL (USA Powerlifting), which is a drug-tested federation and most notable federation in the powerlifting community. Rich is an elite powerlifter that competes in the raw Junior 83KG weight class. His highest meet total is 1560lbs with 474 wilks score. His best lifts in the meet are 524lbs squat, 364lbs bench, and a 672lbs deadlift. His best gym lifts are 545lbs squat, 385lbs bench, and 710lbs deadlift.

His recent accomplishments include: holding the PA deadlift record, previous PA bench and total record holder, and placing 5th/84 83kgs in 2017 Collegiate Nationals in San Antonio, TX. His goal is to help others through powerlifting and help individuals reach their goals in the sport.




Brandon (@froyoboi_) is a Rutgers graduate who competed with the Rutgers Powerlifting Team while obtaining a degree in civil engineering. He currently works as a construction manager and competes in the USAPL. Brandon has competed on a collegiate national level scale and has experience competing and handling several USAPL meets.

He has been lifting for over 9 years and has been competing in powerlifting since 2016. In his most recent meet, Brandon totaled 675kg/1488lbs, after moving up to the 93kg class. He coaches a diverse group of lifters who have different levels of experience and have different goals. Like Rich, his goal is to help others through powerlifting and help them reach their goals.