Want to hear some of our success stories from our current and past athletes? Scroll down and see what YSM has done for many of these great individuals. 


Jimmy Stratton

"When I first started powerlifting a few years ago, I had no real direction or guidance. I knew Rich from being my teammate on Rutgers Powerlifting and saw that he was really strong so I reached out to him to help me fix my squat form. He helped me a ton, and when he first started offering coaching, I immediately wanted to sign up. Rich prepped me for my first meet in December of 2016. Under his coaching, I hit a 385lb squat, 265lb bench, and a 501lb deadlift. 4 months later, Rich coached me into Collegiate Nationals. I finished with a 435lb squat, 295lb bench, and 535lb deadlift. Although he was also competing the same day as me, Rich still took the time to ensure my meet performance was at it’s best. I think that is a testament to who he is as a person. Rich will always do whatever he can to help you out, and always has your best interests at heart. Rich fostered and developed my love for Powerlifting, and I attribute him to laying the foundation for me being a successful powerlifter. I would recommend Rich to anyone just getting into Powerlifting, as well as anyone who is looking for help becoming their best possible self. Rich will do whatever it takes to ensure your success." 

Steven Bambico

“Overall my experience with Rich as my coach has been a very enlightening one. He has helped me put up numbers I never imagined putting up. He has also helped me believe in myself more and continues to push me everyday I step into the gym. Without him, I don't think I'd come this far in the sport of powerlifting and love lifting as much as I do now. If you're looking to being a stronger individual and are in need of a coach, Rich is the man to go to. He'll get you up there.” 



Rachel Orbach

"I really enjoy being coached by Rich. I've had other coaches but none have been as hands-on and concerned with my progress as he has been. Rich also helped me work through an injury while still training which was very important for me as a competitive powerlifter. It is clear that he has a great deal of knowledge about fitness and strength, and it shows in his coaching. I look forward to each of my workouts and I've been able to see significant strength progression in just a few weeks. I'm excited to see where his strength coaching will take me in the coming months!"

Camille Chow

"I really enjoy being coached by Rich. I've had other coaches but none have been as hands-on and concerned with my progress as he has been. Rich also helped me work through an injury while still training which was very important for me as a competitive powerlifter. It is clear that he has a great deal of knowledge about fitness and strength, and it shows in his coaching. I look forward to each of my workouts and I've been able to see significant strength progression in just a few weeks. I'm excited to see where his strength coaching will take me in the coming months!"



Danny Rivera

"Richard “KoreanHulk” Yun, not only an accomplished and highly ranked powerlifter but also very knowledgeable and constructive coach.  By helping to hone in on my weak points and aiding me to improve my technique, Rich helped me hit weights that I never thought I would be able to reach. Rich’s coaching was able to heal and even strengthen me through my injury.  Rich also has the ability to not only strengthen you physically but also mentally, he is able to add 30lbs to you total with just his presence.  He has really opened my eyes to the sport of powerlifting and how technical and satisfying it can be.  I am glad that I have chosen Rich to be my coach and highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about powerlifting and is willing to closely follow his programming, you will not regret it."

Anderson Nguyen

"I first approached Rich through social media and it was the best decision I have ever made. Rich stepped in and helped me with my form for each lifts personally, assisting me in details I have never knew of in the USAPL. I managed to gain 15 lbs on my best squat and 35 lbs on my best deadlift. Even though my confidence in deadlift was a concern, I found out that it would be my best lift. As a beginner I manage to hit numbers I would never have imagined."


Zach Dichard

"I have been working with Rich for a little under a year and it has been one of the best decisions I have made to better myself as a powerlifter. One thing that I appreciated is the pricing is very reasonable as I am a broke college student. Rich is a very knowledgeable coach and he practices what he preaches. Since working with Rich, I’ve added over 100lbs to my total. I also competed in my first meet under his coaching and he set up a perfect game plan with realistic attempt selections. Rich is a very genuine person and I established a friendship with him that goes beyond powerlifting. I believe that is a very important factor to look for when hiring a coach. You can tell that he cares about every single one of his athletes as he is always highlighting their progress through social media. I am currently preparing for regionals in a couple of months and I have no doubt in my mind that I will set new PRs with his guidance."

Jose Dhaga

"Rich is a great coach no matter what level you’re at. While the workouts can get quite challenging at times, they remain fun and exciting. He keeps each block interesting and fun by introducing different exercises. Rich is also great when it comes to reply’s and feedback, any question I have is answered within minutes. You can’t go wrong with choosing Rich as a coach, he is someone that will make you stronger both physically and mentally. "



Zachary Siphavanh

"Coach Rich and I have been working with each other for almost three months now. He is very interested in making sure his athletes succeed in whatever they are trying to achieve. He also makes programs that are centered around what each athlete needs in order to improve. He also keeps an eye on his athletes to make sure everything is going according to their plan. If I have to ask any questions about anything regarding my programs or finding meets to participate in he is willing and able to help. He is an easy guy to talk to and he makes you feel like you are more of his friend than some client. As of now he has been a great coach and I am looking forward to some of the opportunities he can present me with later on." 

Alex Hong

"As someone who depends greatly on communicating with my coach during workouts, I can say that Rich has been very helpful with prompt responses to questions that I have during workouts. He has guided me throughout the past few months to become not only a stronger lifter but also a smarter one. When people ask me about the motivation behind my training sometimes, my response is often, “I trust the program, I trust my coach, and this is going to make me stronger.” 



Alec Quinones

"It was on my mind for awhile to do my first powerlifting meet and when I decided to pull the trigger on it Rich was the Powerlifting Coach I decided to go with. I heard about him through another one of his clients Alex! Rich is super easy to get in touch with and has a fast response rate. He made the process super simple and easy to follow especially for someone like me who was doing their first meet! The programming was solid and focused on all the things I needed to this time around. I’m happy with choosing Rich as my Coach and letting him guide me through my first meet and would recommend him as a Coach to others as he even took the time to talk to me before the meet to give the rundown on how everything would go! The affordable pricing is also great too! "

Mo Ali

"Rich has overall been an amazing coach. As someone who was new to powerlifting, Rich has helped me a lot when it comes to form. I was able to see rapid improvements in all three lifts in just a matter of months. I highly recommend Rich as a coach to anyone new, or experienced in powerlifting. "



Dominic Fusco

"I’ve been working with Rich for about 6 months now and it’s easily been the best decision I’ve made to further my lifting goals. Since working with him I’ve PR’d every lift in the gym and am feeling stronger than ever heading into my first competition as one of his athletes. The most helpful part about working with Rich is the attentiveness he always has when responding to my messages. Things as simple as his form critiques and mental cues have really gone a long way in my time with him. I have no doubt I’ll continue to progress on the platform in the future with him."

Giselle Repuyan

"Before I signed up with Rich, my two older brothers were programming and coaching me. While I appreciate them for building a solid powerlifting foundation for me, Rich has set an exceptional standard for what a powerlifting coach should be. Under him, I’ve been able to improve both mentally and physically. Not only do I feel stronger, I feel like everyday I continue to gain more and more knowledge about the sport. I am also very lucky to be able to train at the same gym as him. He is very helpful and encouraging and only makes my training sessions better. Throughout the months I have known Rich, he has been both a very dedicated, knowledgeable coach as well as a friend I am lucky to have met."



Prince-Harry Mangondato

"I have had the pleasure of working under Rich for a couple months and throughout my time he has significantly brought up all three of my lifts. If there is one thing I can say, it is that Rich is passionate about powerlifting and works endlessly to drill that passion into the mindsets of those with whom he works with. Whether it is through his programming, individualized feedback, or him handling you in a meet, you can tell he puts 200% into his craft. Hire this mans if you want someone to take all the guess work out of making ensured strength gains."

Keiana Castellanos

"Prior to training under Rich, I had zero experience in powerlifting. Training with him these past few months help me build a strong foundation in the sport while also taking measurable risks to find my performance threshold. Rich provided me the one on one attention I need to learn the basics and take my training to the next level in preparation for my first competition. Come meet day I went 9/9 with PRs thanks to Rich’s handling. His individualized approach to coaching is what made my first meet and overall experience with powerlifting a success! He looks at his athletes strengths and weaknesses and finds ways to improve upon them. I recommend anyone to train under Rich, he’s with you every step of the way to becoming a stronger lifter and genuinely enjoys seeing your success."



Jorge Ramirez

"I’ve only been under Rich for 4 months. However, in those 4 months I’ve learned the essentials to powerlifting while still gaining strength. Rich was able to help my lifts and improve my form in all three lifts. Moreover, you can see that he actually cares about every athlete whether it’s handling on meet day or adjusting the program to fit your needs. Training under Rich was easily one of the best decisions I have made since I began powerlifting."

David Blyd

"Coaching with Rich (aka The Korean Hulk)definitely had been a great decision to make. The man puts a ton of work into his craft and works one on one with you to help you reach your potential. Within a couple of months he was able to help me put on a lot more weight on my total than I imagined I could do. This man seriously knows the keys to success and I can’t wait to see how much I grow under his guidance. Honestly choose this dude if you want to see major results in the future!!" 



Aneesh Godbole

"For the past seven months, being under YSM, I’m so grateful for the guidance, knowledge and gains Rich has given me. Being coached by Rich has given me so much direction in a sport which he is extremely passionate about. It is obvious that he supports his athletes and puts the time and effort into their programming, including mine. Finishing my first USAPL meet was an amazing experience and I couldn’t have done it without his advice, support and handling. From choosing my opener to calming my nerves, everything ran smoothly because of him. He is an amazing coach and friend. I definitely recommend him to anyone trying to get into powerlifting or weightlifting overall."